Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2015

Detection of Epileptic Spike Patterns on EEG Signal of Epilepsy Patients with Wavelet Transform Method
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Endro Yulianto, Endang Dian S. and Sari Luthfiyah
Electromedical Engineering Department, Polytechnic of Health Surabaya, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia

Abstract -
Epilepsy is a disorder that occurs as such excessive not controlled from some or all central nervous system. Epilepsy is characterized by entering transient voltage to wave (spike and sharp wave) that are usually called epileptic spike. Detection and classifying of epileptic spike by using visual screening of EEG record is a work that complex and many time-consuming. This Research detect patterns epileptic spike in EEG signal of patients with epilepsy with the method wavelet transform through detection test result against gold standards using the detectability and selectivity. Types of wavelet that used in this research is Daubhecies 4, Coiflet 4, Mexican hat and Symlet 6. Wavelet Daubechies 4 produces the same value high of detectability and selectivity is 80% and 78.57% on the scale 9, Symlet 6 produces the 86.79% and 80.70% at scale 10, Coiflet 4 produces 83.02% and 78.57 % at scale 8, Mexican Hat produces 89.13% and 71.93% on the scale 3. Wavelet type Symlet 6 at scale 10 produces the detectability and selectivity, that is the best than 3 types of another wavelet.
 Index Terms - Epileptic Spike, Wavelet, Detectability and Selectivity
Medical Image Enhancement Application Using Histogram Equalization in Computational Libraries
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Mohamed Y. Adam, Mozamel M. Saeed and Al Samani A. Ahmed
King Saud University, Agency for Business Development, Dept. Training and Community Service Center, KSA
Salman Bin Abdul-Aziz University, Collage of Science, Dept. of Computer Science, KSA
Al Neelain University Collage of Computer Science and Information Technology, Dept. of Computer Science, Sudan

Abstract -
Medical images are one of the fundamental images, because they are used in more sensitive field which is a medical field. The main goal of this paper is to give a simple guideline to build small application in order to enhance the Medical images using histogram equalization technique in MATLAB, which is the strong and most popular program in Computational Libraries, and the histogram equalization implemented without using the function histeq( ).
 Index Terms - Computational Libraries, Contrast, Histogram Equalization, Image Processing and Medical Image Enhancement
Performance Analysis of Traffic Patterns over MANET Routing Protocols in Zigbee Personal Area Network
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Elmustafa Sayed Ali Ahmed, Ibrahim Khider Altahir, A. Alrhman Mohammed and Amani Dawod Salih
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, Red Sea University, Sudan
School of Electronics Engineering, Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan

Abstract -
Mobile ad hoc network is a network technique, which connects two or more mobile computers with each other without existence of a central point of contact, and without any network server, which is the role of each point, pass packets to other branches of the network. The proposed work is to attempt to identify the performance of data traffic patterns (CBR, FTP and POISSON) in Zigbee personal area networks (PAN) using MANET routing protocols (AODV, DSR and INTANTSENSE). Simulation and computations of data loss, overhead, throughput, PDR and delay done using NS2 simulator (Version 2.34) with parameter of quality of data and pause time.
 Index Terms - Routing Protocols, DSR, AODV, INTANTSENSE, Traffic Patterns, FTP, CBR, POISSON, Bluetooth Zigbee and WPAN
Security Issues Analysis on Online Banking Implementations in Nigeria
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Emeka Nwogu and McChester Odoh
Directorate of Information and Communication Technology, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Umuahia, Abia state, Nigeria
Department of Computer Science, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike Umuahia, Abia state, Nigeria

Abstract -
A study of the Nigerian internet banking system was conducted. The study analyzed the levels of internet banking with an in-depth analysis of their security needs and associated issues. A particular reference was made on the attacks and vulnerabilities in the current systems. Next, is an analysis of the current defense mechanisms and how successful they have been in counteracting the occurrence and effects of Internet banking attacks in Nigeria. We established from the study and research, that the current defense mechanisms have not been very effective, as they still have vulnerabilities which have been exploited by attackers severally.
 Index Terms - E-money, Automated Teller Machines, Internet Banking, E-banking and Online Banking