Volume 2, Issue 1, March 2011

Sensitivities Dependence on Laser Pulses Soliton Propagation under Pure and Sea Waters
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Mohamed M. E. El-Halawany
Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering Department, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Menouf 32951, Menoufia University, Egypt

Abstract —
In this paper, the steady state of improvement performance of the thermal and chirping sensitivities of the soliton propagations of nonlinear optical pulses in an static pure water and sea water is deeply and parametrically studied. The interaction of such powerful laser beam and the pure, sea waters has been investigated over wide ranges of the affecting parameters through model taking into account the coupling of the pure , sea waters. The stabilities of the processed major effects (the product of power and square of the pulse width, pulse width, and bit-rate) are analyzed on the basis of the thermal sensitivity (where the cause is temperature variations) and the chirping sensitivity (where the cause is the spectral variations). The physical parameters of the waters are considered both temperature-dependent and spectral-dependent parameters as well as salinity-dependent. The obtained types of solutions are valuable in obtaining a physical feel for the problem and obtaining an order-of-magnitude estimate of the severity of the effects of the controlling parameters.
 Index Terms Soliton Propagation, Pure Water, Sea Water, Laser Pulses and Thermal Sensitivities
Design and Implementation of GUI-Based Telephonic Voice E-mail System
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Tanvir A. Khan and F. Javed
ACET Centre, School of System Engineering, University of Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Abstract —
This is the age of technology and the most emerging technology in the field of IT is Pervasive Computing. My project Design and Implementation of GUI-Based Telephonic Voice E-mail System is an effort to meet the challenges of new era of Information Technology, profoundly known as Pervasive Computing. Pervasive computing is one of the emerging technologies in the field of computer science. Lately there have been many commercial products in the software market exploring the tremendous need of communication between people. While phone is one of the most classical ways of live communication, e-mail has become a standard cross boundaries way of communicating. To exploit this idea an additional piece of hardware (which will be a Touch Tone telephone hand set) will replace the computer. The user can send and receive voice e-mails directly through his telephone set. In this way a user will get an additional feature in his regular phone set. In traditional methods user must have a computer to get benefits of voice e-mail but i provide this facility to him in his home telephone set. User must be registered with my system to use this facility, so he can register himself by using my web interface. To send a successful e-mail he must have a valid balance in his account. As far as destination is concern when he is sending voice e-mail through telephone he must have an address in his address book and he must know the address number for successful operation. Our proposed system also allow user to use the web interface to send and receive the voice e-mails and maintain his account only on the web.
 Index Terms Telephonic E-mail, Databases, Queries, Online, GUI and Designing
Speed Response and Performance Degradation of High Temperature Gamma Irradiated Silicon PIN Photodiodes
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Abd El-Naser A. Mohamed, Nabil A. Ayad, Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed and Hazem M. El-Hageen
Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering Department, Faculty Electronic Engineering, Menouf, 32951, Egypt
Atomic Energy Authority, P.O. Box 29, Naser City, Cairo, Egypt

Abstract —
In the present paper, we have been investigated deeply and parametrically the speed response of Si PIN photodiodes employed in high temperature-irradiated environment. The radiation-induced photodiodes defects can modify the initial doping concentrations, creating generation-recombination centres and introducing trapping of carriers. Additionally, rate of the lattice defects is thermally activated and reduces for increasing irradiation temperature as a result of annealing of the damage. Nonlinear relations are correlated to investigate the current-voltage and capacitance-voltage dependences of the Si PIN photodiodes, where thermal and gamma irradiation effects are considered over the practical ranges of interest. Both the ambient temperature and the irradiation dose possess sever effects on the electro-optical characteristics and consequently the photo-response time and SNR of Si PIN photodiodes. In this paper, we derive the transient response of a Si PIN photodiode for photogeneration currents, when it is exposed to gamma radiation at high temperature. An exact model is obtained, which may be used to optimize the responsivity and speed of these irradiated devices over wide range of the affecting parameters.
 Index Terms Radiation Effects, PIN Photodiode, Optoelectronics, Transient Current, Dark Current, Photocurrent, Quantum Efficiency and Responsitivity
R-TR@CK-S: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System
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Rasheed Ahmad, Fareed-ud-Din and M.J. Qureshi
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore-Pakistan

Abstract —
In this research work, we build a system that could control some devices without the need of being of at that place. For this purpose, we make a system for remote controlling of railway train passing through a railway track. Our proposed system consists of two parts RTU and MTU. Our RTU is Micro controller based and we try to solve our problem using different modules of PIC16F877A Micro-controller. These modules include USART, I2C, A/D converter etc. The RTU is capable of sensing information of train from RF circuit and that information is processed by PIC Micro-controller (16F877A) and further this information is sent to mobile that is attached to controller. The Data Communication between MTU and RTU is using the SMS facility of any GSM network. Mobile Phone connected to RTU is having a Hayes compatible modem built into it. Another similar mobile phone using the same modem is attached with MTU. Communication between RTU and MTU is performed using AT commands. The received message from MTU side mobile phone is stored in the Database.
 Index Terms Data Acquisition, SCADA, Micro-controller and Mobile Phone
Implementation of Conversation Service (Text-to-Speech/Speech-to-Text) Using .Net Framework
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Mazhar Hussain Asdi and Hasnain Ahmad
Department of Computer Science, Aitchison College, Lahore, Pakistan
Virtual University (VU), Lahore, Pakistan

Abstract —
The theme behind the project is that lots of people these days are using the messengers for their message conversation, instead of using the telephone as its relatively expansive. So there is a world sitting on the Internet for the chatting but they are facing problems in the existing software (mentioned above). So they are still waiting for a messenger, which will ease them more with mood and also their skill. If someone has less typing skills he can also use the messenger for its message conversation. So we are trying to develop a messenger, which can support voice on one end and can convert it into text on the other end for the other user. So user can chat with anyone with his own mood and is not dependant on the choice of the other user. So we would try our best to do this task comprehensively. This will provide the world with some great features, which are still awaited in the Internet world.
 Index Terms Implementation, .Net Framework, Conversation and the Internet