Volume 13, Issue 2, April-May 2022

Analysis of Attacks on Internet of Things and their Countermeasures
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Shahab Safdar, Muhammad Faizan Gulzar
Department of Computer Science

Abstract -
Internet of things provides integration between different sensors and objects for communication without any human intervention. With the time there is an increasing demand for IoT and its various applications, combined with the need to achieve foolproof security requirements. IoT provides a vast amount of data under several constraints that make IoT vulnerable to various security attacks. This paper presents overview of IoT, its architecture, technologies, security challenges and goals. The anatomy of related and current IoT security attacks for different layers of IoT is presented and discussed. A vision for possible security solutions and future research directions is presented.
 Index Terms - Internet of Things, Attacks, IoT Architecture, Privacy and Security
Fall Detection System with the Sensor Networks at the Elderly
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Irfan Shaqiri
State University of Tetova,The Faculty of Applied Sciences Tetovo, North Macedonia

Abstract -
The process of detecting falls in the elderly population in the modern implementation of wireless sensor networks is a very serious problem for which several types of research and scientific papers have been made. This paper presents a wireless sensor architecture based on the fall detection system, especially for the elderly. The fall detection system is implemented via a three-axis acceleration sensor to measure and collect data related to acceleration activities in the elderly and the collected data is transmitted remotely via the ZigBee-3G network.
 Index Terms - Sensor Networks, Detection Systems, Data and ZigBee
Review of Cloud Computing Model for Vechicular Adhoc Networks
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Muhammad Ansab, Reeba Zahid
Departement of Computer Science, University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan

Abstract -
Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) have been concentrated seriously because of their wide assortments of uses and services, like traveler security, improved traffic effectiveness, & infotainment. Along the development of innovation & abrupt development in various shrewd automobiles, conventional VANETs face a few specialized provokes in deployment & management because of less adaptability, versatility, helpless network, and lacking insight. cloud computing is viewed as a method for fulfilling these requirements in VANETs. With the progress and maturity of the VANET, a major transformation in the field of wireless communication will occur in terms of fast handovers, network availability, security, and safety through the employment of advanced applications, among other things. Although VANET technology is improving with the passage of time, there are still a various challenge that must be addressed in order for the network to become more robust. In light of the foregoing, we examined and reviewed numerous researches works connected to VANET applications, protocols, and security in this study. Furthermore, after reviewing the previous works, we assessed them and identified the benefits and drawbacks for future research.
 Index Terms - VANET, Cloud Computing, Mobile Ad-Hoc Network, Architecture and Design
Security Overview of Smart Home Automated Systems: SHAS Security Overview
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M. Junaid, Baber Khan, Sibghat Ullah
Departement of Computer Science, University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan

Abstract -
A rising number of devices in smart settings such as the house are being connected to each other through the Internet of Things (IoT). This allows for a wide range of services, such as architectural security and energy management to be improved or supported by the IoT. Because of Smart Home Automation Systems, a term used to describe these systems, many of today's most pressing domestic issues have been effectively addressed and resolved Because of this, security and privacy needs have been put in a secondary position, despite the fact that a protocol stack design governs rules of communication and information sharing. So, in order to provide the most essential techniques in this subject, this article analyses numerous past research from a security viewpoint. Additionally, this study gives suggestions and best practices from a variety of security viewpoints.
 Index Terms - Internet Of Things, Smart Home Automation Systems, Security and Privacy Needs
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